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Different oils are believed to have different effects on the mind and body. For example, lavender, amber and jasmine are calming and soothing, while peppermint, cinnamon and orange are stimulating. 

Aromatherapy Massage, Weston FL, 360 Therapeutic Massage

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Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Of all of the senses that human beings possess, the ability to smell may be one of the most powerful. Studies have shown that certain scents are able to trigger specific emotional responses in people as well as an increase in long-term memory. This is why some people are immediately reminded of their childhood when they smell a perfume similar to what their mother always wore, or associate the scent of fresh cut grass with Little League practice well into their elderly years.

It is not only our memory and sense of nostalgia that is affected by smells. Aromatherapy is a kind of blanket term referring to the practice of utilizing specific scents to achieve a desired emotional or physical response in the client being treated.  For example, some scents, such as lavender, jasmine or ylang-ylang are soothing and calming in nature, while citrus scents such as orange, grapefruit or lemon balm are energizing and invigorating. While the benefits of aromatherapy can be experienced through burning incense or utilizing a diffuser, one of the most effective methods is by incorporating aromatherapy into therapeutic massage.

Aromatherapy massage is centered around the use of various essential oils. Essential oils contain a high concentration of organic material; thus, it is very important that the massage therapist is careful to diffuse the potency of these oils by mixing them with lotion or what is known as a carrier oil.  Neglecting to do so can harm the patient as many essential oils can result in moderate to severe irritation and/or burning when allowed to come into direct, prolonged contact with bare skin. Carrier oils are the same as those that are typically used in massage therapy, such as coconut, jojoba or avocado oil.

​Aromatherapy massage has been proven to have a positive result on clients. It is important to communicate with your massage therapist as to your actual goals, as the essential oils used for someone who is lacking energy are completely different than someone who wishes to establish tranquility. 

Aromatherapy massage, Davie FL, 360 Massage Therapy
Aromatherapy massage, Davie FL, 360 Massage Therapy
Aromatherapy massage, Davie FL, 360 Massage Therapy