Comprehensive Hand Therapy


Massage gets new, oxygen-rich blood flowing into areas that might have grown stiff and sore. Not only the muscles, but also the tendons, joints, ligaments and connective tissues in your hands — and in the rest of your body.

Hand Massage stimulates the flow of blood that improves circulation, increases delivery of nutrients to underlying tissues, and facilitates movement in your joints which leads to healthier, more dexterous hands as well as stronger and more flexible wrists and fingers.

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We use our hands in more ways that we can imagine. Almost every occupation or trade requires finger and hand movement to complete the task, from writers and artists to construction workers, chefs, business executives, physicians, athletes, farmers and countless others.
Comprehensive hand therapy may involve physical therapy exercises, particularly in the case of early onset from carpal tunnel syndrome. Patients may be encouraged to utilize rubber bands, finger weights, wrist braces or other tools to build strength in the hands and fingers while reducing inflammation to damaged areas.
One method of treating chronic discomfort in the hands is via hand massage therapy. Like the feet, human hands contain a number of reflexology points. This means that there are areas in the hands that can be manipulated by applying pressure to achieve relief from discomfort that is experienced elsewhere in the body. For example, a massage therapist may apply pressure to the webbing area between the thumb and index finger to provide relief from migraine headaches, while the fleshy area located underneath the thumb can be manipulated to alleviate back pain.
​Hand massage therapy is also very effective for those individuals who suffer from arthritis in the hands. The knuckles may experience moderate to extreme inflammation, which not only causes considerable pain, it also limits the flexibility and range of motion in the hands and fingers. Regular participation in a massage therapy program can help with relieving or at least lessening the symptoms of arthritis, allowing for a decrease of pain while allowing for greater movement and dexterity. 

Comprehensive hand therapy
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