Hot Stone Therapy Massage


A hot stone massage involves a light to moderate pressure body massage that also incorporates heated stones. These stones are placed upon specific areas of the body to allow for the therapeutic benefit of the head to relax the muscles while they are being manipulated. ​
Hot Stone Therapy Weston FL

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Stone massage therapy, 360 Therapeutic Massage, Weston FL
Stone massage therapy, 360 Therapeutic Massage, Weston FL
Stone massage therapy, 360 Therapeutic Massage, Weston FL

South Florida Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Generally speaking, there are a few key components which help to ensure the effectiveness of massage therapy for clients with different needs. The first is the degree of pressure that is exerted and maintained throughout the course of the massage and the second is the kinds of strokes used by the massage therapist (i.e. short, long, deep, shallow, etc.)
Yet one of the most commonly overlooked tools in massage therapy is the application of a steady stream of warmth. Direct application of a heat source has been proven to relax the muscles and loosen any knots or areas of tension that may be present within the body. This is the concept behind stone therapy massage.
Stone therapy massage is the practice of incorporating a set of relatively small rocks which have been heated into a normal massage. These rocks are smooth to avoid any skin irritation, and are typically heated via a warm water bath or in a slow cooker with a layer of water at the bottom. Before the massage begins, the massage therapist is sure to cautiously test a rock on the client to ensure that the temperature is comfortable before proceeding.
The heated rocks are then placed upon key parts of the body and left to rest. The resulting warmth penetrates the client’s skin and makes its way into the muscles and soft tissue of the area, allowing for relaxation and a release from any tension that may be held in the area. Once the rocks are removed, the massage therapist gently works the muscles that have been treated to ensure all remaining knots are eliminated while the soft tissue is relaxed and supple.