Trigger Point Therapy


The human body has a number of trigger points located throughout its muscular system. Myofascial trigger points can be thought of as being similar to knots in the muscle. They are characterized by a feeling of tightness, constriction and discomfort, and may even feel raised and solid to the touch.  Understanding the nature of trigger points can be difficult, as they may originate in one area yet cause a negative effect on a different part of the body. For example, a client may have a trigger point located in the shoulder that causes pain in the neck, head or jaw.


While most clients seeking trigger point massage therapy experience mild to moderate discomfort associated with these muscle knots, some have a very severe experience, which is known as myofascial pain syndrome.


Trigger point massage therapy is specifically geared around helping the client obtain relief from their discomfort. The massage therapist locates the trigger point and exerts a certain amount of pressure directly over the area, either with the fingertips or knuckles. This pressure is steadily maintained for a short amount of time, then the area is allowed to relax before having the pressure reapplied again. This cycle can repeat itself a number of times in a single massage session depending upon the severity of the muscular tension being experienced.

Trigger point therapy can have a certain level of discomfort associated with it, particular when pressure is being applied to an already sensitive area. Most patients, however, experience a marked sense of relief immediately following the discomfort, such as can be experienced with removing a weight from one’s chest. As is the case with most massage therapies, trigger point therapy is most effective when practiced on a regular basis. 

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Trigger Point Therapy, Davie FL, 360 Massage Therapy
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Trigger Point Therapy, Davie FL, 360 Massage Therapy